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Quiet Cool

Quiet Cool

This actioner is set in a remote, heavily forested area in Northern California where marijuana growers raise their illegal crops and run whole communities with their terrorist tactics and wealth. The tale centers on the efforts of a fearless New York cop to free one such community from the tyranny of the pot growers. It begins with a surveyor who is leading the town’s crooked sheriff to a small marijuana field he has just discovered. The surveyor is killed before he can get there. Joshua, a small boy, sees the execution and tries to get back in time to tell his parents. Unfortunately, the killers murder his family and throw him off a cliff. The boy’s aunt, worried at not hearing from her family, gets suspicious and asks an old flame, NY cop Joe Dillon, to investigate. The town sheriff is not pleased by his intrusion and warns him to stay out of it. Dillon disobeys, and that is where all the action comes in.

Quiet Cool review by Soap2day

Quiet Cool - one of the most watched movies of the 1986.

If you don`t know what to do in the next 80 minutes, devote that time to watching Quiet Cool and you won`t be disappointed.

When it comes to movies of the genre Action, Crime, this film immediately comes to mind.

This movie was made in 1986 and is watched in one breath.

You have to hand it to Clay Borris for putting together a great cast.

The play of the amazing actors as Adam Coleman Howard, Brooks Gardner, Chris Mulkey, Clayton Landey, Daphne Ashbrook, Fran Ryan, James Remar, Jared Martin, Joey Sagal, Judith Ledford, Nick Cassavetes, Pat DuVal, Rob Moran, Ted White, Travis McKenna deserves the highest praise!

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Duration: 80 min


IMDb: 5.6

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Quiet Cool