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Oil City Confidential

Oil City Confidential

Director Julien Temple’s film celebrates Canvey Island’s Dr Feelgood, the Essex R ’n’ B band that exploded out of the UK in the prog era of the early Seventies, delivering shows and albums that helped pave the way for pub rock and punk.

Oil City Confidential review by Soap2day

Oil City Confidential - one of the most watched movies of the 2009.

For 104 minutes the plot of this movie will keep you busy.

This movie stands out among similar films in the genre Documentary, Music with its unconventional plot.

This movie was made in 2009 and is watched in one breath.

Julien Temple`s ability to set the accents in all the right places made the movie a real piece of work.

On the screen Alison Moyet, Allison Tolman, Chris Fenwick, Clem Burke, Glen Matlock, Jake Riviera, Joe Strummer, John B. Sparkes, John Martin, Jools Holland, Lee Brilleaux, Richard Hell, Suggs, Wilko Johnson, Will Birch live out their roles as in life.

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Duration: 104 min


IMDb: 7.6

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Rotten Tomatoes: 92%