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Love of My Life

Love of My Life

What if you had only five days to figure out… everything.

Love of My Life review by Soap2day

Get your popcorn on, because Love of My Life won`t let you go until the very end.

For all the 106 minutes this movie is running, there is not a minute that will be wasted watching it.

When it comes to movies of the genre Comedy, Drama, this film immediately comes to mind.

A top-rated movie of 2017, thanks to its inspired storyline.

Joan Carr-Wiggin`s ability to set the accents in all the right places made the movie a real piece of work.

In addition to the camera work, it is worth noting the magnificent game of Allison Tolman, Anna Chancellor, Greg Wise, Hermione Norris, James Fleet, John Hannah.

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Duration: 106 min


IMDb: 5.3

41010 1

Rotten Tomatoes: 17%