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Dancer, Texas Pop. 81

Dancer, Texas Pop. 81

Four guys, best friends, have grown up together in DANCER, TEXAS POP. 81, a tiny town in West Texas. Years ago, they made a solemn vow to leave town together as soon as they graduate. Now, it’s that weekend and the time has come to ”put up or shut up.” The clock is ticking and as all 81 people in the town watch, comment, offer advice and place bets, these four very different boys with unique backgrounds struggle with the biggest decision of their lives… whether to stay or leave home.

Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 review by Soap2day

Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 - a flawless and tasteful cinematography for the demanding viewer.

You won`t regret spending 97 minutes at the screen.

The single most impressive movie in the genre Comedy, Drama, Family.

This movie was made in 1998 and is watched in one breath.

Tim McCanlies`s work is beautiful in its originality.

In addition to the camera work, it is worth noting the magnificent game of Alexandra Holden, Allison Tolman, Ashley Johnson, Breckin Meyer, Eddie Jones, Eddie Mills, Ethan Embry, Michael O'Neill, Patricia Wettig, Peter Facinelli, Shawn Weatherly.

Dancer, Texas Pop. 81
Dancer, Texas Pop. 81