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Almost Married

Almost Married

When Kyle returns from his stag-do with a sexually transmitted disease, he’s left unable to have sex with his fiancée Lydia in the run-up to their wedding.

Almost Married review by Soap2day

Almost Married immerses the viewer in the atmosphere perfectly created by the director.

You won`t regret spending 97 minutes at the screen.

This movie stands out among similar films in the genre Comedy with its unconventional plot.

This movie was made in 2014 and is watched in one breath.

You have to hand it to Ben Cookson for putting together a great cast.

The wonderful cast of actors, consisting of Bill Fellows, Emily Atack, Lynne Wilmot, Philip McGinley, Tracey Wilkinson, admire their professionalism.

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Duration: 97 min


IMDb: 4.5

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Rotten Tomatoes: 13%