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Director Atom Egoyan explores the concept of cyberspace as a place for redemption in this drama about an adolescent boy named Simon who reinvents his life on the internet. Before long, Simon’s deeply personal journey provokes strong reactions from around the globe.

Adoration review by Soap2day

Adoration - one of the most watched movies of the 2008.

If you don`t know what to do in the next 100 minutes, devote that time to watching Adoration and you won`t be disappointed.

This movie stands out among similar films in the genre Drama, Romance with its unconventional plot.

This movie was made in 2008 and is watched in one breath.

Atom Egoyan`s work is beautiful in its originality.

The play of the amazing actors as Arsinée Khanjian, Devon Bostick, Jeremy Wright, Kenneth Welsh, Louca Tassone, Rachel Blanchard, Scott Speedman, Yuval Daniel deserves the highest praise!

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Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 6.3

340010 1

Rotten Tomatoes: 63%

Metacritic: 64/100