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A Novel Romance

A Novel Romance

Nate Shepherd, late 40’s, and Jenny Sparks, early 30’s, meet in a fancy New York eatery. Complete strangers who have had a rotten day, waiting for their better halves, they reveal to one another that they are going to meet new people tonight. They quickly realize they are waiting for each other. When Nate loses his girlfriend (after getting fired from his cushy job at an ad agency) and Jenny loses her boyfriend to a drug overdose, Nate’s girlfriend suggests that they should move in together as friends to split the rent and ease each others pain. As their friendship grows into something more, their relationship becomes a loving but complicated experience.

A Novel Romance review by Soap2day

A Novel Romance - one of the most watched movies of the 2011.

For all the 93 minutes this movie is running, there is not a minute that will be wasted watching it.

When it comes to movies of the genre Comedy, Drama, Romance, this film immediately comes to mind.

This movie was made in 2011 and is watched in one breath.

Thanks to Allie Dvorin, Jody Blose, many of the actors played their best roles in this movie.

On the screen Benjamin John Parrillo, Chris Gethard, Doug E. Doug, James A. Stephens, Jay O. Sanders, Jeffrey Ross, Kelly Bishop, Kelsey Deanne, Laura D. Williams, Liz Samuel, Maddie Corman, Matthew Del Negro, Milena Govich, Natalya Rudakova, Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Guttenberg, Wass Stevens live out their roles as in life.

A Novel Romance
A Novel Romance