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A Day of Fury

A Day of Fury

A Day Of Fury stars Jock Mahoney as town marshal Alan Burnett, whose life is saved by a stranger he meets on the trail. His rescuer turns out to be Jagade (Dale Robertson), a gunslinger just returned after years away, who finds when he gets into town that he can’t abide the peace that has been settled between ”his” people (i.e. the saloon-keepers, gamblers, etc.) and the righteous, ”respectable” folk.

A Day of Fury review by Soap2day

A Day of Fury - one of the most watched movies of the 1956.

You won`t regret spending 78 minutes at the screen.

The director managed to contain in this movie all the chips inherent in the genre Western.

This movie was made in 1956 and is watched in one breath.

You have to hand it to Harmon Jones for putting together a great cast.

The wonderful cast of actors, consisting of Carl Benton Reid, Dale Robertson, Dani Crayne, Dee Carroll, James Bell, Jan Merlin, Jock Mahoney, John Dehner, Mara Corday, Sheila Bromley, admire their professionalism.

A Day of Fury
A Day of Fury