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2 Years of Love

2 Years of Love

Samantha and John Grey find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage. Samantha is considered the modern day ’Dear Abby’ of talk radio and as a Doctor of Psychology; Samantha is meticulous to detail and advocates communication as the key to all successful marriages. Feeling her biological clock ticking, she’s ready to start a family – if only she could convince her husband John.

2 Years of Love review by Soap2day

Get your popcorn on, because 2 Years of Love won`t let you go until the very end.

For 88 minutes the plot of this movie will keep you busy.

When it comes to movies of the genre Comedy, Romance, this film immediately comes to mind.

One of the few movies released in 2016 that has won the hearts of many viewers.

You have to hand it to Thadd Turner for putting together a great cast.

In addition to the camera work, it is worth noting the magnificent game of Alaina Warren Zachary, Catharine Pilafas, Catherine Haun, Chris Bylsma, Chris Ranney, Diana Gaitirira, Johnnie Hector, Kayla Ewell, Kiko Sanchez, Merritt C. Glover, Ryan Merriman, Sarah Minnich, Thadd Turner.

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Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 4.4

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2 Years of Love